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HelmholtzZentrum muenchen

12th International Summer Physics School on

"Ionizing radiation and the Protection of Man -
Biological Effects and Medical Applications"

Bad Honnef, Germany Physikzentrum, 6 - 18 August 2017


Bad Honnef, Germany Physikzentrum


06. - 18. August 2017


students and young researchers




Werner Rühm (HGU München)

Clemens Walther (Univ. Hannover)


The scientific field "ionizing radiation" plays an important role in life sciences including medicine, industry and environmental sciences, and in the context of nuclear waste disposal. For medical purposes such as diagnostics and therapy, radioactive substances and ionizing radiation are applied frequently. To achieve optimal benefit for the patient with reasonably low risk, understanding biological effects of radiation and dose modelling are important parts of radiation protection. This summer school aims at bringing together internationally renowned experts of these fields. We offer a full education and vocational training, qualifying students and graduates to better understand and address the problem of adequate protection against adverse effects of ionizing radiation while making optimum use of its beneficial aspects.

This Physics School is funded by BMBU and Helmholtz Zentrum München and will provide a highest level comprehensive overview on the present status of knowledge, future perspectives of research as well as on the open questions of the interdisciplinary, highly up-to-date field of radiation protection during 70 lectures, tutorials, experimental trainings and seminars. The lecturers and advisors are very high level, world renowned specialists in this interesting and important field.

Main topics

This year’s school focuses on the three hot topics


Biological effects (including epidemiology),


Diagnostics and



and the closely related topics isotope production for medical purposes, radiopharmacy and legal aspects.

This Summer Physics School is intended for ...

... English speaking students, i.e. Master and PhD students, as well as for postdocs in the field of physics, biophysics, radiochemistry, radiology, radiopharmacy, medicine and life sciencesetc. The purpose of the School is to draw the attention of prospective and newly graduated young persons to the latest developments in the topic "Ionizing radiation and the Protection of Man - Biological Effects and Medical Applications". It will include eleven days of intensive lecturing and one day of hands-on training.